Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Visit With the McCormack's

 The McCormack's beautiful home
 The boys shot guns for hours!
 They were all in heaven...including Frank
 Andrew taking a shot

As part of our vacation we stopped by my cousin Jennifer's house. She and her husband Don spoiled us rotten! The boys enjoyed being with them more than Disneyland. We sat around a fire pit and talked, shot guns, played croquet, and went to Dave and Busters. Jennifer and I got to talk. She is the sweetest, kindest, nicest and loving person I know. We loved their dogs, Max and Clover. When we pulled up to their house the boys said " this is like Hogwarts"!  They have an amazing home. A white owl lives in the turrets which the boys named Hedwig. I am so thankful  for family. I am so thankful that we were able to spend that time with them. Thanks Jennifer and Donny! We love you! 


Kelly said...

I wish we could have been there. It looks like so much fun!!

Gma Mills said...

The boys must have loved it! Beautiful house.. Did they swim in the indoor pool?

Wendi's Secrets To Life said...

I LOVE that house....