Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Andrew walking through Disneyland.

Sam and Macy. Macy's first time on the cars!

Clay and Noah

Frank and Sam

Kristen and Lily

Sam and Betty (and Frank being sneaky..haha)

Frank and Jordan about to battle it out on Buzz Lightyear

Frank and Carter on Toy Story Mania

Ellie, Betty and Maile

Andrew about to watch Bug's Life 3D

Jordan and Noah

The Kaai family

Kristen and Carter

Jordan. He text the whole time.

Jordan, Andrew, Clay and Carter right before entering the Tiki Room

Clay and Carter on Toy Story Mania

Our Family waiting to watch World of Color

Our family after seeing the Fireworks


Gma Mills said...

Very fun photos. The boys look older suddenly! Can't believe it was Carter who wouldn't smile...thought maybe that was Andrew's turn. So glad you had fun!

Mary @The Sweet Bookshelf said...


Ya know, the only time I have EVER been to Disneyworld was when I worked for Disney on the cruise lines. I was like a little kid! LOVED it! We are going to take Sebastian to Disneyland Paris in a few years!!

You look great! and so do the boys, Frank included!!

Love you!

Kelly said...

Love all the pictures ....
Love the cute family one with Jordan rolling his eyes!