Sunday, January 30, 2011

13 and 1/2 so far...

That is how many grandkids my parents have. #14 is expected to arrive in late March of 2011 to Ryan and Melissa.

Keep in mind when you see this picture how hard it is to get this many kids to sit still and smile at the same time!
Kirra. Tristan. Teagan. Jordan. Andrew. Clay. Carter. Max. Alex. Payten. Riley. Blake. Addy.

Family Camping

My family went "cabin" camping with my family. The DeGarmos, the Mrazek's, the Mills' and my Mom. We camped in the hugest cabin. We all slept upstairs in bunk beds. The downstairs was one huge room for the kids to run around in.

We canoed.
We played with Grandma Mills.

The kids rolled all over the room on this ottoman.

We played in the river. Some jumped off rocks.

We played with the babies. Blake and Alex.

We sat by the river and played in the sand.

We sat by the HUGE fireplace.
We also celebrated Kirra's 17th birthday. We all took turns cooking. Ate amazing food. We had a great time.

Camping With the Kaai's

We camped with the Kaai's this year. We went to a KOA in Placerville. They had a lot for the kids to do. It was so hot the entire time, but it was really fun.

We played pool.

We played at the playground.

We played cards.

We played mini golf.

We climbed trees.

We swam in the pool.

We went into an old cave. It was nice and cool in there.

We panned for gold....well colorful rocks.

We BBQ'ed.

We took pictures.


Camping In Gualala

We camped at the most beautiful place called Gualala River Redwood Park.

The kids (and Frank) climbed and jumped all day.

The setting was amazing.

We had a campfire and s'mores every night. We also told ghost stories that were quite silly!

The river was just perfect. Shallow in most areas. We skipped rocks and ran around in the trees. The boys found forts. We played basketball, soccer and ping-pong. We can't wait to go back.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carter Ikaia Kapele

Christmas 2010

First day of 1st grade.

Carter played baseball for the Giants .

Frank "Clayton" Kaui Kapele

Clay played Flag Football. He loved it.

First day of 3rd grade.

He played for the A's in Little League.

Christmas 2010. What a stud.

Andrew Michael Kapele

Andrew received his Arrow of Light Award in scouts. He is moving up to boy scouts. He did tons of work to accomplish all he did.

Andrew, Christmas 2010

First day of 5th grade. Note the Beatles shirt. He's obsessed with the Beatles!

This is a typical Silly Andrew pics!

Jordan Alexander Mills Kapele

Jordan received a High Honors award for have a 4.0.

Jordan was injured playing football on November 4, 2010. He hurt his spinal cord but will be ok. He has had to wear this neck brace, which comes off on February 7, 2011. He can't wait. More to come on his cervical spinal stenosis diagnosis....

He's such a stud.

Christmas 2010

What a great Christmas we had. Happy kids. Happy parents. Happy family.

The Aftermath

The Boys


Our Stockings

"L.A. Christmas Party"

This year, the what we call the "LA Chritmas Party", was held in Napa. My parents hosted a wonderful party for the entire extended family. It was so much fun to see all my cousins, my cousins kids, and my cousins kids kid! Aunts and Uncles galore. Everyone is so happy. We are lucky to have such an amazing group.