Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clay and Carter's Car Conversation

Clay: I miss Kirra
Carter: So do I
Clay: I like her. Mom do you like her?
Mom: Yes, I love Kirra.
Clay: Kirra is smart. She knows everything.
Carter: No she doesn't. She doesn't know 99 x 99!
Clay: Carter, Kirra is 16! She know everything!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alexander Thomas Mrazek

Juli, Erik and Max welcomed a baby boy!

Alexander Thomas Mrazek

The First Day of School

This year is a very special one. ALL OF MY KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time.

Jordan started Jr.High. He goes to Vaca Pena Middle School. He really likes it. He made the football team and is thrilled. Andrew started 4th grade. He was a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Schultz. Clay started 2nd grade. his teacher is Mr. Muehlenbruch. He loves playing kickball at recess. Carter started Kindergarten. His teacher is Mrs. Wilcox. He LOVES school. He is good in class and is starting to read quite well!

I am a happy mom!

Together Again!

Betty, Trish and I became friends quickly. We met in the Vacaville 2nd Ward when Zack, Ellie and Andrew were 18 months old. They are now about 10. Trish moved away to Texas. It was so sad, but we meet up whenever we can. We had an opportunity to get together in Southern California. Trish was there for a class reunion so Betty and I flew down for some fun. We shopped, ate and went to Disneyland. Sarah and Zoey came with Trish to CA. Sarah was so sweet and beautiful. Meeting Zoey was such a treat. She is darling.

It was a great getaway for us all!