Monday, March 16, 2009


Our Tooth Fairy has been very busy!


It's baseball season! We are so excited. It's so much fun to be out at Centennial watching games and running around to practices and games. Jordan and Clay are playing this year. Jordan is on the Major A's. Clay is on the Farm Red Sox. It's Clay's first year, and he loves it. So far Jordan's team is 3 and 0 and Clay's is 2 and 1. GO A'S and RED SOX!

Fun Times at the G&G Mills House!

Grandpa and Grandma Mills took a trip to Israel. We were all so happy, and relieved, when they came home happy and healthy. We all gathered together for dinner and fun yesterday to celebrate. They brought back David and Goliath sling shots for all the boys. Grandma froze large marshmallows for us to "sling" around. It was so fun. Several ended up in the pool, and quite a few in the neighbors back yard. Oops! We ate yummy Navajo Tacos thanks to Kelly's cooking. We also decorated cookies, again, thanks to Kelly. a.k.a. Superwoman! We looked at the the amazing pictures that my parents took. They are awesome pictures. I am so glad that my family is my family. They are so much fun. We always laugh so hard when we are together.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just For Max!