Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clay and Carter's Car Conversation

Clay: I miss Kirra
Carter: So do I
Clay: I like her. Mom do you like her?
Mom: Yes, I love Kirra.
Clay: Kirra is smart. She knows everything.
Carter: No she doesn't. She doesn't know 99 x 99!
Clay: Carter, Kirra is 16! She know everything!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alexander Thomas Mrazek

Juli, Erik and Max welcomed a baby boy!

Alexander Thomas Mrazek

The First Day of School

This year is a very special one. ALL OF MY KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time.

Jordan started Jr.High. He goes to Vaca Pena Middle School. He really likes it. He made the football team and is thrilled. Andrew started 4th grade. He was a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Schultz. Clay started 2nd grade. his teacher is Mr. Muehlenbruch. He loves playing kickball at recess. Carter started Kindergarten. His teacher is Mrs. Wilcox. He LOVES school. He is good in class and is starting to read quite well!

I am a happy mom!

Together Again!

Betty, Trish and I became friends quickly. We met in the Vacaville 2nd Ward when Zack, Ellie and Andrew were 18 months old. They are now about 10. Trish moved away to Texas. It was so sad, but we meet up whenever we can. We had an opportunity to get together in Southern California. Trish was there for a class reunion so Betty and I flew down for some fun. We shopped, ate and went to Disneyland. Sarah and Zoey came with Trish to CA. Sarah was so sweet and beautiful. Meeting Zoey was such a treat. She is darling.

It was a great getaway for us all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

Carter is 5 today! A whole new world begins for him. He will start Kindergarten in August. He is a little nervous, but I am sure he will love it. Carter is a shy little guy, but is full of personality. We are lucky to have him in our family.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bye Baseball

Baseball season is done. We have our time back. I am always happy when the season is over for about a week and then I miss it. Fall ball will start soon. They both has a fun season. Jordan started to pitch and did great. Clay had a b last during his first year. He can really hit the ball.

Jordan's 6th Grade Graduation

Jordan is officially in Middle School. He enjoyed being a student at Cooper Elementary School. His teachers were fantastic! Jordan is a great kid. He received the Presidents award during the graduation. Good Luck in 7th Grade!

A's and Jordin Sparks

This was a great day! We took the boys to see an A's game and Jordin Sparks gave a free concert after the game. They actually sat through the entire game and watched it. The concert afterwards was amazing. She sang 13 songs. The boys thought it was cool to see someone from American Idol.


My wonderful mother took the "girls" to go and see WICKED. It was totally amazing. We drove into the city early and had dinner across the street. We parked in a parking garage and were driven around by a crazy man that Juli entertained with her humor. We all laugh so hard when we are together. Kirra just had her braces off so she was smiling the entire night.

Bodega Bay 2009

This was our attempt to get all 9 kids together for a picture.

One of our favorite places is Bodega Bay. We rented our favorite house there, Casa Del Sol, with the Kaai's for Easter. We had a lot of fun. The guys got to golf, the girls got to walk and look at(and into) houses. The kids played and played and played. We went to the beach and loved it. It was fun to have Easter morning together and have all the kids wake up and see all the baskets and candy. We love Bodega Bay!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but honestly I have nothing to blog about. We wake up, get kids off to school, clean up, go to costco if we need to (we usually need to) Frank goes to work, then kids come home, we do homework and then are at baseball until about 8:30. Then it's baths and bedtime. So basically clean, costco and baseball. Oh wait, and about 30 loads of laundry a day. I need some fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Disneyland Withdrawals!

Our family was really lucky this past year to have Disneyland passes. They expire on April 28, 2009. Just thinking about it makes me sad. Frank and I have been budget crazy so we decided to not go one more time this year. I seriously have an ache in my heart. I think we just have such special memories as a family there and that's why I love going so much. When we were little my Grandpa Del used to take us quite often. He used to also take my mom when she was a little girl. Sadly our adventures will be over for a little while. Juli, Erik and my mom get to take Max next week for Erik's birthday. I wish I could go just to see Max see Disneyland for the first time. He is going to love it. I'm sure they will take pictures. I'm sure he will love it just as much as all the kids and grandkids do!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Our Tooth Fairy has been very busy!


It's baseball season! We are so excited. It's so much fun to be out at Centennial watching games and running around to practices and games. Jordan and Clay are playing this year. Jordan is on the Major A's. Clay is on the Farm Red Sox. It's Clay's first year, and he loves it. So far Jordan's team is 3 and 0 and Clay's is 2 and 1. GO A'S and RED SOX!

Fun Times at the G&G Mills House!

Grandpa and Grandma Mills took a trip to Israel. We were all so happy, and relieved, when they came home happy and healthy. We all gathered together for dinner and fun yesterday to celebrate. They brought back David and Goliath sling shots for all the boys. Grandma froze large marshmallows for us to "sling" around. It was so fun. Several ended up in the pool, and quite a few in the neighbors back yard. Oops! We ate yummy Navajo Tacos thanks to Kelly's cooking. We also decorated cookies, again, thanks to Kelly. a.k.a. Superwoman! We looked at the the amazing pictures that my parents took. They are awesome pictures. I am so glad that my family is my family. They are so much fun. We always laugh so hard when we are together.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just For Max!