Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. On Christams Eve, we went to Frank's parents and ate yummy food, watched a Christmas movie.....and finally opened presents at dark.

We had a fun Christmas morning. The kids were up early and had to read the sign from Mom and Dad. They had matching jammies, thanks to Grandma Faye. It's always a happy time to see the boys so excited.

We ended Christmas Day at my parents house in Napa. Again, yummy food and presents galore. We are so thankful to have such a great family. We are blessed to have all that we have. Merry Christmas to everyone! We love you.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Conversation With Clay

Clay: Mom, when's my birthday?

Mom: November 6th.

Clay: But that's what it was last year?!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Jordan is 12!

On December 10th is Jordan's birthday. This is such an exciting age for Jordan. He will go to Young Men's now and pass the sacrament. He will also start Middle School. I feel so proud as a mother to have Jordan for a son. Jordan is so sweet and caring. He is my biggest help. He is smart and athletic. He loves to have fun. He loves to talk sports, especially football. Jordan is so special to Frank and I. He made us parents. We love you Jordan!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let Christmas Begin!

This is the best time of year. I think the Christmas season starts with Black Friday. I must admit that I look forward to Black Friday, even more than Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving night all the girls look at the ads, and put together our game plans. It's the best. This year Betty, Juli and I started the morning at about 4:30am. We started at Wal-Mart, then Target and then we hit the Mall. We used Betty's double stroller for our shopping cart. People kept peeking in to find the babies here! Just the mamma's on a mission!

Yesterday, the Festival of Trees, began in Vacaville. This is a fundraiser for the Opportunity House, which is the shelter for women and children. Businesses and groups decorate unbelievable trees, and people bid on them. They also sell donated treats and crafts. I worked the craft table in the morning. It's such a great event. It usually earns about $130,000.00.

Last night was Merriment on Main. Downtown Vacaville is closed off and we light the tree. Booths are set up all along the streets and serve treats and hot chocolate. Different group entertain along the streets as well. It's a fun night that gives us the small town feel of Vacaville. We really like living here. My Mom, Juli and Max went as well. Ater we all went to Juli's house for Hot Chocolate and watched Polar Express.