Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Life has slowed down quite a bit. We are about to track off for the month of November. I am so excited to not have to worry about homework and bedtime. We decided not to go to Disneyland, so I am a little sad, but with 3 of the kids birthdays and Christmas it's just too expensive. I love this time of year. It rained today! I get so excited for all the holiday's. It will be fun now that we are all settled.

Here are some random pics of stuff. Jordan playing football (he's had 6 TD's this season!), the boys covered in dirt,(this is what they do while we are watching Jordan's game)Halloween crafts with the Kaai's and Andrew doing a presentation at pack meeting for scouts. Also one of Carter. Betty is going to die when she sees this picture of her on my blog. So it might be gone soon. So funny!


kjohnson said...

Great pics, the randomness of boys! I'm glad you'll get the month of November off to enjoy the holiday season. Hope you have a fun filled Halloween. It was great to talk to you the other day!

Juli, Erik and Max said... update! I love that picture of Carter with his hoodie. I think Betty looks cute.

Trish said...

Woo hoo for Halloween and going off track! I'm glad that life is slowing down a little. You're the busiest mom I know!

I love that your boys play in the dirt. They must love going to Jordan's games. Go Jordan! Can you believe he'll be in YM next year?

Seeing Drew in his uniform kind of makes me sad because if we were there, Zack and he would be doing scouts together. Sigh...

Betty's picture is fun. She actually called me the other day twice!

Dude... this is a long comment... I need to just call. I miss you!

Betty said...


Mary De Bastos said...

I LOVE IT! Betty looks halarious!!
great pics of the kids! they are super cute! and still my fav boys on the planet!!
miss ya!

Kelly said...

These are really fun pictures. I love the one of Betty.

PJ and Me said...

Love the update. Have fun with the boys off track, they are growing so fast. Love the pic of Betty.