Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just to let everone know that Carter Ikaia Kapele is no longer Carter Ikaia Kapele. He has decided that his new name is Wall-e Bowling. First it was Wall-e Bowling Kitty, but he decided that was a little long.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Fun....School's Begun

Another Disneyland trip has come and gone. This one was special because we went with our friends, the Kaai's. We had 10 kids between the 2 families. It was crazy fun. We were there for the earthquake. The kids thought it was pretty cool, the adults did not. We were a little frazzled, but turned the day into fun even though the rides at Disneyland were closed for quite some time. Our next trip is planned for November, if not sooner. I love season passes.

School has started! Jordan is in 6th grade, Andrew is in 3rd, and Clay is in 1st. They all seem to like their teachers and classmates. I am happy to have just one left at home. Next year, they will all be in school. I think I will be a sad mommy.

Ally went home yesterday. It's been nice to have another girl in the house. She is so pretty, and has the longest legs I have ever seen. The boys enjoyed her. It was nice to have her here for so long. We got to see the interaction get comfortable enough to where they would even fight. I knew when that started that they were true siblings. We already miss her.