Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brag Blog

I am always complaining about all the things that I have to do, and how crazy the boys are. Well I love my boys so much, and I want to brag about all the good things they do.

Jordan: He just got straight A's. He passed his reading goal and reached 114.5%. This is a big deal, because he really does not like to read. He is doing great in baseball. In fact this morning he got a triple. A couple more inches and it would have gone over the fence. He loves to cook, and makes dinner and treats often. He is such a helpful kid.

Andrew: He also got straight S's. They don't get actual grades yet, but he is doing really well. His teacher said she loves his funny sense of humor, and that his writing concepts are very deep. He is taking art classes and loves them. Andrew is my sweetie, and Carter's best friend.

Clay: Clay had all above average scores on his report card! He has learned to read and loves it. He writes all the time too. He plays hard every day, and on the weekends he plays guitar hero. He has now passed several levels. It is so fun to watch him jam!

Carter: My little boy is growing up! He has all sorts of funny things to say. Talk this child does all the time. He is a deep thinker and can figure everything out. He's really into snails and making sure they are safe and have homes. He loves to be outside.

So as you can see I am a very lucky mom. School tracked off on Friday. We are so excited for the break. We are going to have fun enjoying this California weather!


Kelly said...

You do have great boys that say the funniest things! They are all very clever. I just wish I could see them more.

Juli and Erik said...

I soooo love your boys too. I think it's so cool that you got 4 in a row. I love the part about Andrew. It reminded me of the list he made for you at school...something along these lines...

Mom: Hi Andrew. How was school? What did you do?

Andrew: Here. (Hands Mom a list).

Mom: What's this?

Andrew: Well, you ask me what I do at school every day so I made you a list.

Mom reads list:

Lined up
Sat at desk
Had a snack
Reading time
Free time....

Such funny personalities! You could do post after post of all the funny and clever things they come up with.

Melissa and Ryan said...

That's really cool that all your boys are doing so well in school and other stuff too. I love the thing about Carter wanting to find homes for snails. It reminds me of being a kid and always wanting to take care of potato bugs and holding funerals for the dead ones that I would find.

Trish said...

I miss your boys so much! Thanks for the update on what they are like and doing these days. It's funny because I'm still picturing Andrew as four years old wishing Spido-man was real. And Jordan cooks? What?! And then I go, oh, yeah, Sarah does, too. I have to remember that you're kids are growing in my absence! You are doing a great job raising these future missionaries! I can't wait for our kids to get together again and play.