Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Favorite Books!

I have a new favorite book. Series, actually. You need to read them. I read all 3 in a week. Seriously, the best books ever! Once you read them you will totally understand the feeling of these books! Twilight is the first. New Moon is the second. Eclipse is the third. The forth comes out in August. I can't wait!


Kelly said...

I love them too. I can't believe how much I love them. I really love Edward too. When Mom read my blog about the "My Love" things-the ones about Justin...she thought I was writing about Edward Cullen. It's been so long since I read the books I'm forgetting what he's like....oh that's just pathetic. I know he's complete fiction, but I still have a BIG CRUSH on him. You never know he might like me back. I feel like I'm 17 again!

Juli and Erik said...

New things I love:

1. That you posted something new.
2. That Max got his own picture on your page.
3. That I get to read these books soon.
4. That the American Idol singers can sing well.
5. That the American Idol singers are pretty. Even the litlte gay boys.

Fausett Family Facts said...

Well that explains why you haven't updated your page very often. I have to agree with you and Kelly. These are the best books ever and I am definately going to read them again before the 4th book comes out. It is sad though, once you start reading them you are addicted and can't put them down. The writer makes it feel like they are so real and you are apart of it. Check out the writers web site and you can read the first chaper of what Edward was thinking when he met Bella in Science class. She also has pictures of some of the characters cars. Just check it out. ha ha.

Trish said...

Add me to the list! I love Edward! The first book was the best--only just read them last year--the second one was rough and I did not get the fluttering inside like I did with the first one. Third one was better than the second one. Can't wait for the next book! And the movie!

BTW, I love that pic of Max. :)

Hi Robyn! That is you, right? Big hugs from Texas!

kjohnson said...

So glad you joined the club. They're amazing. It's good you waited til now to read them, the wait doesn't seem so long for the next book. I couldn't do anything but read, and me and my neighbor would make up fantasies on our walks :)

Fausett Family Facts said...

I love to read, the sad thing about it is when I go to the book store now it is hard to find one that measures up to these. Stephanie needs to write faster.

Juli and Erik said...

Things I hate:

1. That you never post anything anymore.
2. That my throat hurts.