Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stupid Strike!

I am so ready for the writers strike to be over. Thursday night used to be something to look forward to. I miss The Office and Grey's Anatomy! I know it sounds pretty pathetic, but you have no idea how much laundry got folded on Thursday nights. And then talking about it on Friday was so fun. And Jim, oh I miss Jim (I think Betty misses him more).

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Predident Hinckley

Our sweet prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley has just passed away. He was 97 years old. People loved this man so much. He had a wonderful sense of humor. His family is amazing as well. We are finding comfort in knowing that he is reunited with his wife, whom he loved dearly.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Alone at Last!

Frank and I just got back from Disneyland. We went by ourselves. It was soooooo nice. We drove down, and actually got to have a conversation. We had a jacuzzi tub in our room, a huge one. Yes, we used it. We spent 2 days enjoying Disneyland and California Adventure. It's a totally different experience without kids. We were relaxed. We went on all the rides, even California Screamin'. Now, I am not bragging. I got totally sick. Like so sick that we had to go back to the room so I could lay down for a couple of hours. It took about 5 days for my head to feel normal again. I don't think roller coasters are for me anymore. It was so hard to come home. Granted we did miss the kids. But to be alone with Frank was so fun. We had a awesome time!

More Christmas Pics....

These we at Grandma and Grandpa Mills.

Ho Ho Ho

Yes, its very late to be posting Christmas. But I am sure that you are all missing Christmastime so this will take you back. We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Mark and Faye. We had Christmas morning at home, and Christmas day at my parents in Napa. Busy, yes, but worth every minute. Carter understood "presents" this year. That makes it fun. Jordan woke up first and alerted us all that Santa had come. It was a fantastic holiday season for us.

The Parking Lot.....

So when I was a senior I committed a crime. Graffiti! Regina, Erika, Jenny and I decided to paint the parking lot. Not the entire lot, just the spots that we parked in everyday. That was back in 1993. Well, when I went to Kirra's game what did I see? Our Parking spots, STILL PAINTED! Mine, was covered partially by a huge piece of steel(they are doing construction). But all of them were still legible. I was so excited and luckily I had my camera. We never got in trouble for doing this. Honestly we were just having fun. Ahhhh, the good 'ol days!

Kirra's a STAR!

Kirra is on the freshman basketball team for Vintage High. GO CRUSHERS! We went to one of her games in Napa on a Friday night. It was so fun to watch her play. She is pretty aggressive and made half of the teams points. Unfortunatly they lost. It's so weird that Kirra is in high school. My old high school......more to come in this subject on my next blog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I know! I know!

I know I need to catch up. We have had a lot go on. I am having a hard time with my camera, but I will catch up.