Friday, November 30, 2007

The Syrup Snatcher

Frank is on day shift and 3 of my kids are at school. Which leaves Carter and I for a fun day. Right? Wrong. I caught him in the living room with the syrup bottle. He was drinking it. Like, really turning the bottle upside down and guzzling it. Needless to say it was all over. Syrup. All over. So hard to clean up. I make him some waffles, yes with more syrup, and clean up. Then I put him in the bath. As I continue to clean up , Carter poops in the bath. Not a little, a LOT! So I take him out clean the bathtub, put him back in and re-wash him. As I am picking up the bathroom, he poured out a container of cereal. As I am sweeping up the cereal he emptied all the kids books from the bookshelf. I made him help me put them back. Then as I was making the beds I hear him in the kitchen. When I arrived he had a chair by the pantry and was reaching for more syrup. He is now watching T.V. Thank goodness for Nick Jr. Now we will see what he does as I attempt to shower.... I'll keep you posted. ( by the way I hid the syrup)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bodega Bay

This was a great trip. We rented a house in Bodega Harbour. We had a fantastic view of the ocean. The DeGarmo's, John, Carla and Payten and our family went. We had 6 boys and little Payten. They had a blast. We went to the docks to see the boats and went to the Head to hike around. We spent some time at the beach. The kids were covered in wet sand. The climbed rocks and dug trenches. They made cities in the sand. It rained one day, but it was nice to be inside relaxing. We really love Bodega Bay. The area is so beautiful. The beaches are great. We look forward to our next visit.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Clay is 6

Clay turned 6 on Tuesday. We were driving home from San Diego that day so we celebrated on Monday night. It was fun to celebrate with Ryan, Melissa, Grandma Mills, and Adeline. He opened presents, of which Thrillville was the favorite (thanks Grandma)! We ate cake and ice cream (again, thanks Grandma)! Clay had a good time. He is very happy to be 6.

Our Last Minute Trip

I decided I just couldn't wait to see Adeline so we went to San Diego. It was worth it! Addy is absolutely beautiful. Frank and I fell in love instantly. It took the boys a little longer, I think they were excited to see Uncle Ryan (and in Carter's case Melissa). She was awake and alert most of the time. Her hair is such a pretty color, and her skin is tan. She certainly didn't get that from Ryan. Grandma Mills was there, so that was an extra treat. It was nice to see Ryan and Melissa's apartment, and Ryan's school. The kids now understand where they are.


Yes, I am very late in posting Halloween. We had fun. Payten came and we trick-or-treated. As always, we had quite a bit of candy. The boys loved it.