Monday, October 29, 2007

I can See!

Andrew got his glasses today. When he put them on he said "I can see", so funny. He looks so cute. He has to wear them pretty much all of the time. He is allowed to take them off for P.E. and things like that. I think he likes that Harry Potter has them as well!


Kelly said...

Andrew- You look SO COOL!! Kirra, Tristan Teagan and I love the new look. You look like you'll be able to the piano even better, and do even more art work. I wish I needed to wear glasses. They look great on you!!!

Juli and Erik said...

I love them!!! He looks so good...and so natural with them on. Good choice in frames!

Trish said...

Drew Baby, Drew Baby, Drew Baby, Drew! He looks awesome. I can't wait to show Sarah! She got her first pair of glasses in first grade and when we drove home she said, "Wow, have those houses been there this whole time?" They were just houses on the side of the street. She just saw blobs before.

Even now, when we get her eyes checked and have to get a new prescription, she marvels at being able to see things that were once unknown to her. That's why I can't come down too hard on her when she misses a spot sweeping or washing dishes.

I agree with Juli, it looks so natural for him to be in glasses. Tell him that Zack got his Harry Potter scar from hitting his head on the metal corner of the sliding glass door... it might work for him. J/K!

Melissa and Ryan said...

He looks so cute in his new eyes!

The Stone Family said...

He is DARLING! Ladies...lock your daughters up! They'll be headed straight to the Kapele house! Your boys are beautiful!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

Your turn to blog, Kristen!