Thursday, October 4, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy Belle

We are watching Daisy while my parents are out of town. Daisy is actually my brother Ryan's dog. My parents have cared for her while Ryan went on his mission and while he is in college. Quite honestly I think they could never give her back. She is a funny dog. On her second night with us, she fussed all night long. She was whimpering and barking (half bark and half howling) . We let her out, that didn't work. We pet her and gave her attention, that didn't work. She was very irritated. Finally she slept on the floor. She was refusing to get in her bed. Now, this is strange for her. She LOVES her bed. The next morning she was sitting, staring at her bed. She was doing her half bark, half howl thing. I looked in her bed. A Purple block was in her spot. This block was taking over her bed, and Daisy was not happy. I quickly moved the block and Daisy got in her bed. She slept all morning.


Juli and Erik said...

Mom told me she'd really like Daisy and Obi to get to know each other better. Play date? I can bring her over anytime... haha

Melissa and Ryan said...

That dog is a total diva! I love the picture of Carter and Daisy, that's so cute!

sunmd said...

Tell Daisy I miss her!!