Sunday, October 28, 2007

Baby Macy Kaai

The Kaai's 5th baby is here! Macy Kalawaianuiahina Kaai was born on October 27th at 7:20 pm. She weighed 6 lbs. 5 ozs. and was 19 1/2 inches long. Macy is beautiful! Betty looks wonderful. Macy was 3 weeks early, but is perfect. It was so fun to hang out with Betty at the hospital tonight. Amber came and we just chatted and laughed. Macy is a tiny ball of love!


The Stone Family said...

Congrats Betty and family! Macy IS Beautiful! Of course she is! Aww! I miss you guys so much! Thanks for sharing the pics Kristen!

Juli and Erik said...

Okay, she is gorgeous!!! (Well, duhhh...:)). Congrats to Betty and the fam. Macy Kaai sounds really good too. I was kinda sorta confused at how to pronounce her middle tips? I can't wait to meet her!

Trish said...

Thanks for all the pics Kristen! It was funny when you guys called me from the hospital because I was totally chatting and Betty must have been like, "Shut up so I can tell you that I had a baby, SHEESH." They look awesome.

Nice middle name... trying to make things hard for priesthood holders, eh?

OK, Juli... Just remember that the vowels in Hawaiian do not change from aah (as in back) to AH (as in law) like in English. A always sounds like AH (as in law), E always sounds like eh (as in tech), I always sounds like ih (as in in), and o always sounds like oh (as in orange), and U always sounds like oooh (as in you). SOOoOooOoo... just break it down... Ka-la-wa-i-a-nu-i-a-hi-na. The vowels that string together without consonants in between will blend unless there is an okina which looks like an apostrophe. In that case, you would have to say each vowel separately and distinctly.

Oh, and the w will sound like a V.
It's something like this: Kah-lah-vai-yah-noo-ee-yah-hee-nah.

Dude, I don't know how Betty and Sam remember it. I have a hard enough time with Hi'ilani...

Juli and Erik said...

Trish, I appreciate the assistance. But what the???? My pregnant brain has a limited capacity and I think you just blew the top off! You get an "A" (as in day) effort. :)