Thursday, September 20, 2007

Clay and Kindergarten

Clay, as you all know, has started Kindergarten. It has been a wonderful experience for me as a mother. He has loved it as well, until this week. He still wants to go, he just wants to do whatever he wants. On Monday, he got in trouble because he kept saying "booty". (I know all of the Mills relatives are saying well at least he didn't say a**) (and yes that was my first thought) But you can't say booty in kindegarten. Clay missed a recess and was devestated and promised to be perfect the next day. That promise proved to be to hard to keep. We have to start class contracts with him Monday. Mrs.Leonetti has had Jordan and Andrew as students. The look on Mrs. Leonetti's face was one that I have never seen before......except for the times that I have seen myself in the mirror after a day with Clay.


The Stone Family said...

Maybe Clay and Alyssa should hook up. Together... Whoa! Watch out! They're just coming down a little stronger spirited these days. Go figure. I know it's frustrating but what a great story.
Love ya,

Kelly said...

I wonder what look Mrs. L. will give when Carter starts school.
You need to give her a T shirt that say's "I survived the Kapele Boys"
Maybe you should make one for yourself too.

Melissa and Ryan said...

I love Clay with the underwear on his head, that's awesome! It is true what you said though, he could have said something a lot worse!

Trish said...

OK, Kelly, I'm on it! Might not make it in time for your birthday, Kristen, but we'll make shirts before the school year ends. One for you and one for your teacher. And anyone else interested will have to pay $5 a shirt (which is a really great deal).