Friday, September 7, 2007

Boys Update

Here's the scoop on the kids....
Jordan- Jay(this is what he wants us to call him now) started 5th grade. He is playing fall ball and loves it. Yesterday he hit a triple and got 2 guys out at first. Football starts in 2 weeks.

Andrew- Drew started 2nd grade. He is trying to perfect drawing the Nintendo characters. Baseball just finished, so we have some time off between sports.

Clay-Clay started Kindegarten! Hip Hip Horray! He likes it most days. He is very social and wants a play date every day.

Carter-Carter is 3. Oh boy, where do I start. He loves to talk, growl and tackle his brothers. We are working on potty training. Carter is so sweet, but if you mess with him...look out!


Melissa... said...

Oh my gosh I am so excited that you started a blog! Yeah! I have become quite obssesed with it. I check mine probably about 10 times a day. (not an exaggeration, unfortunatley!) It is seriously the best way to keep in touch with people! You can count on me to leave comments on here frequently! YIPEE! I put posts on mine pretty much on a daily basis, although they are not always all that exciting! OKay, sorry I'll shut up now!

Tricia said...

Hi Kristen! Love your blog so far. I look forward to visiting often to read about the amazing adventures of Clay and Carter! And I LOOooove that Drew is into Nintendo. Tell him that I'm almost done with Super Paper Mario on the Wii! The kids all watch to see what happens next, and since there's so much reading, I figure it's kinda like homework... right? And how cute that Jordan wants to be Jay now. At least it's his first initial. Sarah says her nickname at school is Alyx. What the heck? I can't believe our oldest kids are already 5th graders. I guess I have to get going on my own blog now. I think I started it, but I haven't been back here in ages. I'll invite you when I've got it going. Take care! I miss you!

Amber said...

This is soooo cool you have to come over and help me set one up. Kristen and I decided if we walk all week we need to do lunch. What do you think. I think its cute that Jordan wants to be Jay. I want Megan to grow up and marry Andrew, but with their scattered brains do you think they could function on their own. And do you think andrew would be willing to let is wife work at In n out. You know thats her life long dream. See ya in the morning for our walk. Amber