Thursday, September 27, 2007

BIG Night!

So tonight is the night that we have all been waiting for. The Office AND Grey's Anatomy start a new season. I know it's pretty sad that I look forward to TV so much. But quite honestly it gives me something to look forward to. Franks at work, the kids are in bed. It's quiet and I can enjoy it. Amber is coming over to watch Grey's with me. Total fun. I hope Jim and Pam kiss.
AND.....Carla and John found out that they are having another girl! I am so excited. Payten will have a sister. We all need sisters. You may hate them growing up, but as an adult they are your best friends.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let the Clay and Carter stories begin...

I thought I was being a good mom by letting my kids paint. This is a very messy activity so it is limited in this house. They were having a great time and wanted to post their artwork around the house. I noticed Clay went outside to put some on the outside of the house. I let him knowing I could take them down later. Well, what I didn't see was the GLUE in his other hand. So he glued his artwork all over the garage, the awning posts, the mailbox and the wall. Not just drops of glue, globs of glue all over the place. So while I am scrubbing outside, Carter finds the glue bottles. They were high up on the counter, but I should have known that height never stops a little boy. He glued everything. Turned the bottle upside down and started squeezing. All over Andrew's dresser, the carpet, the backpacks, the fan, the frogs cage, the CD player, the vacuum, toys, shoes, clothes, you name it it was glued. I just finished the clean-up. So now I need to go see what kind of damage they did while I was writing this. Wish me luck.

Clay and Kindergarten

Clay, as you all know, has started Kindergarten. It has been a wonderful experience for me as a mother. He has loved it as well, until this week. He still wants to go, he just wants to do whatever he wants. On Monday, he got in trouble because he kept saying "booty". (I know all of the Mills relatives are saying well at least he didn't say a**) (and yes that was my first thought) But you can't say booty in kindegarten. Clay missed a recess and was devestated and promised to be perfect the next day. That promise proved to be to hard to keep. We have to start class contracts with him Monday. Mrs.Leonetti has had Jordan and Andrew as students. The look on Mrs. Leonetti's face was one that I have never seen before......except for the times that I have seen myself in the mirror after a day with Clay.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a miracle!

Today was a strangely perfect day. I worked in Clay's classroom(3 1/2 hours!!!) and when I got home Frank had a Bean Burrito with no onions plus sour cream and a large Diet Pepsi waiting for me. Then I took a nap, yes a nap! The older boys were home by 1:30 (early day) and after a snack we did homework. They thought it was weird that we were doing homework so early, but they didn't complain. They really didn't complain! So then we take a trip to Target. They were good. Carter stayed in the cart the whole time. I only had to tell Clay to stop running twice. Normally I tell him 1000 times and he never stops. Jordan and Andrew did not ask for ever single thing they saw. We even made it through the Halloween stuff with no sword, or hatchet fight in the isle. I felt so good as we left that I got dinner and took them to the park. We played for over an hour. When we got home we got ready for bed and read like 20 books. They listened and only asked a few questions. Usually they ask 10 questions per page. They are now all in bed and it's quiet in the house. I'm telling you, It's a miracle!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Sunday Dinner

So we had new friends over for dinner on Sunday night. We had the new Elders Quorum Presidency over.(Frank is the new President) So the Clay family(and their 4 boys), the Nelson family (2 boys & 1 girl), and the Matheny couple. They have been married for 4 months. Salote and Brian McKenzie came as well because they are moving to Utah and it was the last chance for Brian and Frank to bond watching football. Anyway, 11 kids, 10 of which were little boys. It was good food and good fun.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Boys Update

Here's the scoop on the kids....
Jordan- Jay(this is what he wants us to call him now) started 5th grade. He is playing fall ball and loves it. Yesterday he hit a triple and got 2 guys out at first. Football starts in 2 weeks.

Andrew- Drew started 2nd grade. He is trying to perfect drawing the Nintendo characters. Baseball just finished, so we have some time off between sports.

Clay-Clay started Kindegarten! Hip Hip Horray! He likes it most days. He is very social and wants a play date every day.

Carter-Carter is 3. Oh boy, where do I start. He loves to talk, growl and tackle his brothers. We are working on potty training. Carter is so sweet, but if you mess with him...look out!